Sunday, November 6, 2011


life after college has been a bizarre roller coaster of change, and i've loved every moment of it. it's been such an adventure.

first, i spent three weeks in fiji and my life/heart/perspective was changed forever. SO much beauty, so many amazing people, and SO much need!
then, my two-week trip to tennessee to visit family turned into a three month stay. AMAZING! now, i'm living in camarillo, in the midst of a million secondary applications for medical school, working 50 hour weeks, and getting plugged into the most amazing church (calvary nexus, holler!).
but... i'm having trouble with the monotony.

forgive me for sounding less than adult (i'm not ready yet, okay?!), but why does every week feel just like the preceding week? i've only been in the "real world" for a couple months and already, i'm drowning in monotony. it's this kind of routine that brings me to my big life question for the time being....

does growing up mean the adventure ends?

my "big girl" answer: i sure hope not!!

i've decided that i'm not longer satisfied (not sure i can say that after only two months?) with the mundane, but am in dire need of passion, fire, adventure, change. call me an adventure junky, but i just can't do lukewarm anymore. piping hot or arctic-tundra-cold-- at least then i'd be feeling something. 


my solutions for now are.... 
  • searching out mission trips through my sweet church 
  • researching european tours with young peeps for spring time! babygirl needs a eurotrip in a bad way. 
  • eliminating complacency and forcing myself to grow (via writing, reading, blogging, etc.)
  • striking up new relationships & meeting cool peeps!
  • & most importantly... continuing the med school app process! after all, if i get in, i get to move to a brand new apartment in a brand new city to begin a brand new life/career! that is the biggest adventure imaginable, right?! :) here's to hoping and praying!

tell me, friends, how do you guys mix it up? :)